Smart line


Light and flexible evacuation equipment.

 •           One person, single use rescue device

•           Approved according to EN 341 class D, Rescue descenders

•           Extremely lightweight, 560 g complete15m kit

•           To be kept on the harness at all times, always available

•           Delivered in a ready to use and sealed bag in 15, 25, 40 and 80 m lengths

•           Knife for cutting of lanyards or pole shoe straps

•           Designed to be used as a small pulley to lift rescuee free from hanging position and onto the $martline®

•           $martline® can also be easily operated from above

•           Each bag supplied with a separate full user instruction

•           Water and UV proof bag with zipper

•           Areas of application for $martline® are endless




Bag size          15m     25m     40m     80m    

(HxWxD)        170x110x60    170x110x60    170x150x70    220x190x80

Weight 560g    700g    900 g   1600 g


Strength                      750 kg

Descent line    5.5mm Aramid

Min. weight    30 kg

Max. weight    140 kg

Max. height    80 m

Approval                     EN341, type D

Other               Single use only

                        One person only

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