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EurotestCOMBO (MI 3102 BT) EurotestXE is a multifunctional measuring instrument which performs a complete set of installation safety tests according to IEC/EN 61557. It supports AUTO SEQUENCE ® testing of the TN, TT and IT earthing systems. ISFL measurements and the IMD tests can be performed. Besides, the MI 3102 BT EurotestXE enables on-line voltage monitoring, phase sequence testing, earth resistance measurement, illuminance measurement and TRMS current measurement. EurotestXE is equipped with integrated characteristics of fuses and RCDs for PASS / FAIL evaluation of test results. All the results can be quickly saved and referenced on the instrument and then downloaded via the EuroLink PRO software (included in the standard set) to the computer for evaluation and report generation after testing.

Standard set: instrument EurotestCOMBO (MI3125 BT), set of carrying straps, test lead 3 x 1.5 m., shuko-plug test cable, test probe (3 pcs.), crocodile clip (3 pcs.), charger – power supply adapter, rechargeable batteries 6 x 1,5V NiMH, type AA, USB cable, RS232 cable, PC SW EuroLink PRO, instruction manual, handbook, calibration certificate.